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miyako andon inc.



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January 11, 1995


Masanori Kizaki

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Store lighting , Residential lighting , Design lighting , Various lighting fixtures / Manufacture and sales of lanterns

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(office) Weekday 9:00~17:30   (showroom)   Pls request Showroom Appintment by e-mail. 



Masanori Kizaki Profile

In 1965,Born in Tokyo Japan as the second son to Miyako Andon,
( a Japanese lighting Manufacturer) Masanori Kizaki has been building up his creative and artistic style of designing While working for his father at an early age.
While expanding his artistry he has done many successful expeditions in the Kanto area.
Here are some of his expeditions he’s done…..
In 2004 “Akari Nukumori” Exhibition in Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi, Tokyo
2007 “100% Design Tokyo” in Aoyama, Tokyo
2009 “ Japan Shop” in Tokyo
2010 “ Tokyo Design Week 2010 in Aoyama, Tokyo
and in 2011 “Gift Show” in Tokyo
As you can see he still expanding his Artisitical skills and original designs
But you can see for yourself first hand on what type of craftsman he is.




4-26-10 Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa-Ku, Tokyo Japan 116-0014
Approx. 10min walk from JR Uguisudani Sta. North exit
Please go straight from the North Exit. Follow Kaneiji Traffic Bridge, Negishi Elementary School, Seven Eleven, etc. Turn right at the 4th traffic light, turn left at the pharmacy, you can see the showrooms of wooden latticed doors lit.



Why not make original lighting?

At the municipal office aiming at the information development base of lighting, a part of the machine field has been refurbished and we are holding workshops and handmade classes with you. We are also designated as "Manufacturing tour / Experience spot" in Arakawa Ward, so if you are interested in woodworking or lighting, please stop by our workshop once.
All the staff are waiting.

Why do not you create "your own light" while touching Japan's mind?

What is the Akari Workshop? . .
Now that "Monodzukuri" is going out of my life, I am trying to forget the impression of making "things" with my own hands and the feelings of treating "things". Such a time is the time for many people to feel the goodness of "making things" - From such a feeling of our company "handmade lantern" was born. In the case of
In the "AKARI Workshop", you can take home "handmade lanterns" that take advantage of the techniques of woodworking craftsmen who have inherited it for more than 110 years since its establishment as "your own original lantern" on that day I can do it. Since it has already been finished, such as wooden frame, you do not need any other materials or tools such as tools, you can make it easily and securely by anyone under professional guidance. In the case of
While feeling the warmth of Japanese paper and wood and traditional techniques of craftsmen, please create "handmade lanterns" full of originality.
You should be able to feel the merit of "Japanese lights" in the soft light that is healed.



Please enjoy the “Lighting of Japan” in the atmosphere of ease and tranquility.

Our shop / showroom displays and sells unique “Lighting of Japan” available only at this location. The visitors, whether architectural or interior design professionals, or anyone who is just interested will surely find the visit enjoyable.
In addition to the products on display, we welcome any inquiry for custom made products that can be crafted in our adjacent workshop. Also, as the venue for information and inspiration, we will be providing information about lighting, such as proposals for “New Lighting and Ambience” in collaboration with the younger generation of artisans who are aspiring to ensue the traditional craftsmanship, as well as the traditional ones descended from ancient times in Japan. 
If you wish to visit our showroom, please contact us to make an appointment in advance. 
e-mail: info@miyako-andon.com